A new booking platform unveiled by Australian tech startup Aeronology last month promises to revolutionise the workflow of travel advisors as well as significantly boosting their productivity. The company’s CEO Russell Carstensen described it as a “user-pays one-stop-shop” with no ongoing licences or set-up fees.

“Aeronology Mobile is the perfect tool for independent travel advisors, or agents who are members of consortiums, their consultants or individuals who want to operate as sole traders,” he said. Carstensen said the platform aggregated content from a preferred GDS as well as NDC sources and supplier APIs, allowing itineraries to be curated in a single screen. He said Aeronology believed its technology would more than triple the productivity of individual travel advisors, allowing the industry to become much more efficient as it emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The technology is the result of 20 years of understanding the needs and requirements to be a profitable and effective travel advisor,” he said. Aeronology doesn’t charge to use the platform, instead taking a small, transparent fee from each booking. The platform will launch in early 2021, with Aeronology now seeking expressions of interest via [email protected].


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