A new nation brand and tagline will promote Australia to the world, in order to attract more visitors and investment.

More than 300 marketing resources will be made available for free to help better promote Australia in a competitive international marketplace, after the country’s national brand and tagline were released last month.

The new nation brand logo features a kangaroo above the word “Australia”, with international and domestic research finding the logo to be representative of a “modern, capable, and inclusive country”.

Complementing the logo is the tagline “Only in Australia”, with the two able to be used in conjunction with each other.

Minister for Tourism Dan Tehan said a strong brand will reinforce Australia’s reputation as a great place to visit.

“Australia’s Nation Brand is more than just a logo and tagline…it is a holistic approach to selling what is unique about Australia to the world,” he said.

Former Tourism Australia Chair Bob East said Australia’s nation brand builds on the country’s already fantastic reputation, buoyed by our lifestyle, landscape, and tourism offerings, to develop greater recognition for our country.

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