Travel Bulletin under new management

The demise of respected monthly travel industry magazine Travel Bulletin has been much exaggerated, with Travel Daily owners Bruce and Jenny Piper agreeing to purchase the business from its founders, Ian McMahon and Eddie Raggett.

Last week McMahon and Raggett announced changes to the publication (Travel Daily 17 Jul), but following some swift negotiations a deal has been reached for Travel Daily to take it over.

Piper said it was an ideal fit, with a long-standing close relationship between Travel Daily and Travel Bulletin which have for many years been joint media sponsors of the National Travel Industry Awards.

“Ian McMahon and Eddie Raggett have taken Travel Bulletin to become the unquestioned leader in Australian travel trade print publishing,” he said.

“We look forward to building on their legacy, continuing Travel Bulletin’s strong reputation for incisive analysis, destination updates and exceptional editorial,” he added.

McMahon said he and Raggett will work closely with the TD team “to ensure that Travel Bulletin continues as the industry’s in-depth journal of record and analysis – the perfect complement to Travel Daily’s comprehensive daily round-up of breaking news.

“We see it as a great fit,” he said.

The next issue of Travel Bulletin will be a September 2014 issue and thereafter the magazine will be published monthly – for more info or to participate email