Trafalgar debuts domestic program

TRAFALGAR global CEO Gavin Tollman has unveiled a new program of tours in Australia and New Zealand, with the expansion meaning the Travel Corporation brand now features programs in all seven continents.

Developed in conjunction with sister brand AAT Kings, the 2019 Trafalgar Australasia brochure comprises 12 trips in Australia ranging from five to 15 days, as well as four local “mini stays”. The New Zealand range includes five options taking in the North and South islands, with Tollman saying the program will allow Aussies and Kiwis to “see your home and neighbouring regions in a whole new light”.

Trafalgar’s brand direction for 2019 focuses on “The Good Life,” inviting passengers to make “real connections” with their destinations; have hassle-free holidays with “real ease”; and experience “real joy” as they take in people and places in their own backyard in ways never previously imagined. Trafalgar-branded coaches on local roads will feature the brand’s rainbow colouring, and the programs feature signature Trafalgar touches such as ‘Hidden Gems’ and ‘Be My Guest Experiences’.

Matthew Cameron-Smith, the company’s Australian managing director, told travelBulletin the huge contingent of Trafalgar past passengers was a prime market for the new program, which will allow them to have the convenience of a Trafalgar guided holiday close to home. “It costs twelve times as much to acquire a new customer. We have been so successful over the past couple of years, and some of that has included a huge growth in repeat business. It’s an easy sell,” he said.