Touring that doesn’t cramp your style

Touring¬†isn’t all just sunshine and selfies, it’s also long-queues, cramped coaches and comfort stops. However, those that choose to travel in smaller groups will find that many of these inconveniences are minimised, according to Bunnik Tours managing director Dennis Bunnik.

“Most of the time group touring is linked with the idea of a large group, being rushed around and corralled between destinations,” he said. “But there are some smaller group tour experiences available that offer all the benefits of group touring… without the irritations that come with the practicality of travelling in a large group.”

Bunnik Tours, which was founded by Marion Bunnik more than two decades ago, is a family-owned company launched to give Australians a “better way of touring”.

While the company utilises full-sized coaches, its tour sizes are kept to a maximum of 20 people, meaning guests can comfortably spread out on empty seats.

“It’s like finding out the seat next to you on a flight is free… you can experience that feeling every day of your holiday on a small group tour,” Bunnik told travelBulletin.

Last month, Bunnik Tours released its 2017-18 Middle East Brochure, which takes travellers on adventures throughout Egypt, Kenya and Zanzibar.

New to the small group operator this year is an itinerary which combines the ancient wonders of Egypt and Jordan with the idyllic Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Highlights of the program include visits to the twin temples of Abu Simbel, adventures through the Valley of the Kings and exploring the Commonwealth War Cemetery.

When asked if tourism in Egypt was on the rebound, Bunnik replied “forward sales are the strongest they have been in five years”.

“Unlike most operators we never left Egypt — It’s a destination that is very close to our hearts.”