Top tips for planning senior travel

AS the demographic of senior travellers becomes increasingly diversified, understanding client needs and wants is more important than ever.

Here are the some tips from Renaissance Tours, Bench Africa, Crooked Compass and Bunnik Tours for booking senior travel:

Gauge their activity levels

Mobility can be a big issue for some senior travellers, with some not wanting to be too active because of their age – while others want to be very active because of their age! Gauging the sort of senior they are will help to match them to the best trip. It is important for travellers to enjoy their tour, not struggle through it.

Group or FIT?

A client who may have previously been comfortable travelling on their own or with a partner may value the safety and security of travelling with others later in life. Group tours can give them the confidence to venture to new places and simplify the logistics of navigating airports and train stations.

Do they want inclusions?

While younger demographics may be content to go it alone for certain elements, many seniors will value hassle-free and all-inclusive travel experiences which cover flights, accommodation and meals.

Be confident and use resources

Be confident selling a new destination, even if you have not sold this region before. It can be helpful to get in touch with an operator’s experts, who can run through the nitty gritty of the touring program. Agents can take advantage of an operator’s tools and use product videos to help inspire clients.