The Fake News: pull up a wheelie bin and stay a while

PULL up a wheelie bin and stay a while

PULL up a wheelie bin and stay a while

with Adam Bishop

The latest person to cash in on the sharing economy has some sobering advice for budding Aussie entrepreneurs; “don’t be afraid to get down and dirty with your business model”.

Larry Morgan, 42, has spent the last six months renting out a suite of dilapidated wheelie bins to tourists seeking cheap short-term accommodation in Sydney.

“The great thing about this whole sharing economy boom is that people don’t seem to care where they stay so long as they can tell their friends they travel around using an app of some sort,” Morgan said.

“As soon as I started advertising my bins as ‘unique accommodation’, that’s when things really took off though — now I’m flooded with requests to bunk down for the night in my disgusting refuse,” he added.

Not one to rest on his bin lids for too long, Morgan has recently rolled out an additional upmarket offering catering for a more discerning type of bin chicken.

“I’ve recently moved towards leasing out larger skips now,” Morgan enthused.

“The extra space gives our guests far more diverse types of rubbish to play around with and they can even invite friends over if that’s what they’re in to,” he added.

So, what’s next for Morgan? Well, it’s funny you should ask that, he is already hatching the next incarnation of his innovative wheelie bin plan.

“Here’s an exclusive for you travelBulletin, next month my company will be launching special land excursions exploring the giant compost heap I have fermenting in the backyard,” an excited Morgan beamed.

“After guests have finished sorting out the egg shells from the avocado skins, they can report back to me for orders… errgh, I mean adventures, yes adventures.”

It just goes to show Morgan concludes, “one man’s trash is certainly another man’s treasure, in this case the treasure just so happens to be a fair bit of tax-free income.”

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