SureSave moves to help agents win back the 14% of their clients buying insurance online

Issues & Trends – March 2013

SureSave moves to help agents win back the 14%
of their clients buying insurance online

TRAVEL insurance company SureSave says agents are missing out on potential travel insurance sales to 25 per cent of their clients – either because the clients are later buying insurance over the internet, or agents are not even offering them the option of purchasing a policy.

The company commissioned independent research and it reports:

  • 62 per cent of the sample of 1000 travellers who recently booked a holiday with a travel agent also purchased the travel insurance policy recommended by that agent;
  • 14 per cent said they later purchased the policy recommended by the travel agent online; and
  • 11 per cent were not offered a policy at all.

Releasing these results SureSave’s newly appointed executive general manager Michael Callaghan said the research shows insurance brands have to do a better job of providing agents with support and tools to assist them in selling policies in-store.

To combat the online threat he promised to provide agents with “a new range of innovative travel solutions which cannot be matched online”.

He said: “We recognise that travel planning in the agent market is a personalised experience and we want to make sure our own insurance service offerings reflect this.

“We feel that all insurance companies have to work harder at stopping the online leakage.

“We recognise from the research that agents are potentially doing the hard work in selling-in the benefits of a particular brand in store yet the insurance sale is made online.”

He said SureSave, which prices its online offerings above the rates available from agents, will refund commissions from online sales “where we can identify a lead came via an agency”.

Other key findings of the SureSave research include:

  • Two thirds of Australian travellers view travel agents as a trusted source of advice.
  • 49 per cent of Australians who took a major holiday in the last two years purchased it through a travel agent.


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