Scenic pulls out all stops for Eclipse

ALL eyes will be on Scenic later this month, as the industry eagerly awaits a further promised update on the delivery of its highly anticipated Scenic Eclipse. The company hosted top travel consultant and agency supporters of both the Scenic and Evergreen brands at its seventh annual Night of Stars gala dinner last month, and during the evening a prepared statement from founder and CEO Glen Moroney was read to attendees, providing a progress report on the Eclipse build which has been severely disrupted because of financial issues at the Uljanik shipyard where it is being built in Croatia.

Moroney expressed his sincere appreciation for the support of the agents at the Night of Stars, who had shown their loyalty to Scenic despite the Eclipse delay of now around eight months. The mood of the room was a far cry from a year ago, when Eclipse was on track and the company announced the construction of a second vessel — something which didn’t even get a mention at the 2019 event. The Scenic CEO, who has been wholly occupied in getting the ship completed, said many workers at the shipyard are leaving over unpaid wages, with Scenic stepping in to now directly employ more than 100 specialists working on the ship, as well as supervising over 500 contractors.

He noted the major progress being achieved on Eclipse which is currently scheduled to debut in April this year. “Despite the shipyard’s challenges, the quality of workmanship is exceptional and there are many pleasant surprises in store for our guests,” he promised. The ship’s two helicopters had been delivered, while the onboard submarine had also undergone its first test dives. Speaking on behalf of his wife Karen, Moroney concluded by saying “we both greatly appreciate your valued support during this period, and I will provide a further update in mid-February”.