On the Express to success

Express Travel Group has launched a concerted appeal to travel agent owners, highlighting its technology, consumer protection and multi-brand offering for independent agencies. The cleverly-themed “…And Then There Was One” campaign reflects the ongoing consolidation within the market, following in the wake of Helloworld’s shock acquisition of Magellan Travel Group which was finalised last month. ETG is particularly highlighting the italktravel branded “fully independent and integrated national franchise model” which operates alongside its Select and Independent Travel Group divisions.

Express Travel Group CEO Tom Manwaring told travelBulletin the company was continuing to grow strongly, approaching 800 travel agent members across the Select, Independent Travel Group and italktravel “silos” within the business.

“We are Australia’s most exciting travel network,” he said, stressing the importance of longstanding partnerships on both the supplier and agency side of the business, despite the rapidly evolving industry landscape. “In the end it’s those relationships that are important,” he said.

The company, which bases its offerings on the Express Ticketing and Express Fares platforms, is offering new italktravel franchises across the country, with guaranteed exclusive terrritories, a unique profit share model and a fully integrated support program covering marketing, IT and business assistance.

ETG also offers members of Select, Independent and italktravel its exclusive Book Safe Agent insurance product for consumer protection, which Manwaring said was significantly better than anything else in the market.

Other core tools offered to members include the Express Cruise platform, powered by Creative Cruising, as well as Express Hotels and the in-house Express Rewards consultant loyalty scheme.

Manwaring highlighted the customised partnership model offered by Express. “We take into account that ‘one size does not fit all’…no onerous and expensive conditions are placed on members and no demands are made on how our services are to be used,” he said.