Older sisters doing it for themselves

WHILE there has been a documented rise in the number of women undertaking solo travel over the last five years, more recently an increase in the number of women over the age of 55 has also been observed, according to Black Tomato’s Travel Expert Amy Hellman.

Reflecting on the data contained in a recent report compiled by the luxury booking platform, Hellman recently told American media that the reason for this jump was primarily driven by an increase in means and opportunity.

“Many of our female travellers in this age range are, for the first time in their lives, free of young children, a spouse, a demanding career or other responsibilities that previously prevented them from travel and adventure,” she claimed.

“Solo travel has rid itself of an antiquated stigma of being exclusively for the lone wolf backpacker and has instead shifted to the concept of opportunity for self-development to gain a deep sense of place and focus,” Hellman added.

Moreover, Klook founder Eric Gnock Fah believes that while Gen Z travellers are attracted to solo travel for its “me time” appeal, baby boomers more broadly are enamoured with solo holidays because they enjoy the “flexibility” the travel option provides them.