Oberammergau’s Jesus comes

IT ONLY happens once in a decade, and brings in about 500,000 visitors — so there’s no wonder that tour operators are promoting next year’s Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany.

However Collette has taken it to the next level, last month bringing Frederik Mayet, one of the actors playing Jesus Christ in the timeless performance, to Australia to meet with key industry partners.

As with all the other actors, Mayet is a native of the German village which made a vow 400 years ago to perform the play every ten years in perpetuity, to thank God for protecting them from the Black Plague which was sweeping Europe The cast of about 1,500 locals will perform five days a week all through the 2020 summer season. Mayet is pictured with Collette’s James Hewlett and Nadja Warner from the German National Tourist Office.