NZ invites visitors to take the Tiaki Promise

KEY New Zealand tourism organisations have launched an initiative inviting visitors to act as guardians of the country.

Under the banner of Tiaki — Care for New Zealand, the industry has launched the Tiaki Promise, a behaviour framework which encourages international visitors to experience New Zealand in a way that keeps them safe, protects the natural environment, respects all cultures and preserves the country for future generations.

“New Zealand is known for its warm welcome to guests and the Tiaki Promise builds on that by inviting the world to stand alongside us, so our home can be enjoyed for future generations of Kiwis and visitors,” Tourism New Zealand Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall said.

“It reminds people to travel responsibly as they enjoy what our country has to offer, making it clear what behaviours are expected from putting rubbish in the bin to driving safely and showing care and consideration for all,” he says.

Tiaki — Care for New Zealand is a collaboration between seven key organisations across the public and private sector: Air New Zealand, Tourism New Zealand, the Department of Conservation, Local Government New Zealand, New Zealand Mori Tourism, Tourism Holdings Ltd and Tourism Industry Aotearoa.

The organisations are encouraging agents to share the Tiaki Promise with their clients before they travel, in order to help protect the country for future generations.

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