No connection with CIC – personal losses reinforce Portuscale’s assurances

Issues & Trends – April 2014

No connection with CIC – personal losses reinforce Portuscale’s assurances

PORTUSCALE Cruises Australian representative, Rosalea Ryan, knows exactly how Australian agents and their clients suffered from the collapse of Classic International Cruises.

That’s because she was herself a victim of that collapse.

So she is acutely aware of the need to reassure agents that Portuscale has no connection with the defunct CIC even though it has purchased four of the ships previously owned by the failed company.
Portuscale plans to bring one of those ships, Funchal, which has previously cruised out of Australia, back here for a season early next year.

“We’re aware that questions may be raised – and understandably so – by Australians who were burned badly by CIC’s demise 18 months ago,” Ryan told travelBulletin. “I was among the regular passengers who lost a cruise in the cancelled 2012/13 Australian season and I attended the creditors’ meetings in Sydney during the administration and liquidation period so I certainly empathise with the many agents who were caught up in the horrendous financial fallout.

“All we can do at this point is assure the industry that Portuscale Cruises is an entirely new operation with a fresh business plan and sound independent investor backing.

“There is no connection whatsoever between the owners of the now-defunct CIC and Portuscale. The individuals at the helm of CIC’s collapse are either out of the industry altogether or now working with other cruise lines.

“Selected ex-CIC administrative staff and officers have been recruited by Portuscale, and passengers will recognise many familiar faces among the crew, but we must stress that none of these people were in any way responsible for the events that unfolded in Europe and Australia towards the end of 2012.”


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