Google revolutionising Trips

Google’s reach into the travel ecosystem continues apace, with the new Google Trips app which seems to almost magically collate information from a user’s inbox, automatically creating comprehensive and engaging itineraries. Google Trips was the focus of a presentation at Tourism Australia’s Destination Australia 2017 conference in Sydney last month by Google Australia/NZ md Jason Pellegrino, who spoke about the company’s vision for artificial intelligence and smart search.

Google Trips knows where you are going and how you’re going to get there — and automatically suggests what you might like to do, with handy tips about local transport, activities and restaurants. In a city for 24 hours? No problem, Google Trips will offer you a range of full and half-day activities including, of course, details on how to get there via Google Maps. It’s also possible to simply download all the details about a destination into a traveller’s device, meaning there’s no need to scramble for a wifi-connection on arrival in order to confirm details of a hotel or transfer.

New features are also constantly being added, with recent additions including currency conversion and information on tax reimbursement. With all this power in the palm of your hand, it seems likely that Google Trips is going to become an essential part of any traveller’s arsenal in the future.