Gadget: Dreamlight Sleeping Mask

If you’re sick of being woken up to the ‘bing’ of the seatbelt sign coming on, or someone opening their window shade; or you just wish you could get a little bit more sleep on that flight, then Dreamlight may have the solution.

This revolutionary new mask takes advantage of a plethora of different innovative technologies to provide the user a uniquely tailored program to help them sleep the way that works best for them. Using integrated lights over the eyes, it lulls you to sleep with a soft orange glow, to help stimulate your body’s natural sleep cycle. As well as blocking outside noise, Dreamlight can play your own music or a range of soothing sounds, through the speakers integrated into the soft cushiony mask. When its time to wake up, the mask will shine increasingly bright green light, and play soft sounds to coax you out of your slumber, invigorating you into the day ahead.

In addition to helping you sleep, Dreamlight can track how you slept, and suggest how you might make improvements to your sleep, all of which you can check on though the Dreamlight App. It can even create sleep programs to boost productivity, but the best feature of all is the Jetlag program which tailors specific sleep cycles to offset jetlag on long haul flights, so you’re in your best state the moment you hit the ground.

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