Gadget: Blue Microphones’ Raspberry

The demand for portability is paramount in today’s day and age, particularly within the travel industry. Blue Microphones have just released the Raspberry, a portable microphone that doesn’t compromise on quality.

The microphone is incredibly versatile, whether you’re video calling someone important, or recording a new podcast, it will provide a high quality recording wherever you are.

It’s designed for portability, so its ‘plug and play’ compatibility with any recording software on either your phone or computer means there’s no mucking around; and thanks to world class tech and well thought out design the quality of recording is the best in its class.

The Raspberry uses an Internal Acoustic Diffuser, the sort of tech found in high end recording studios; that is able to focus on recording a voice or instrument and block out background noise, making it perfect for recording on the go.

The mic also has a built in stand which folds out to minimise the sort of vibrations you might experience in transit that can ruin a recording, the stand also doubles as a bit of extra protection when collapsed.

The Raspberry allows creators to set up wherever they need to, and capture high quality audio without having to compromise.
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