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Rail Plus' commercial director Ingrid Kocijian gives us the inside scoop on how to sell rail.

Rail Plus’ commercial director Ingrid Kocijian gives us the inside scoop on how to sell rail.

How can travel agents improve their product knowledge on selling rail?

At the end of the day we know how many products agents have to know about and that’s why we are here at Rail Plus as the rail specialists. So please give us a call and have a chat or email us if you ever need expert advice. If it’s European rail they are after then we have three companies across Australia who offer our product — Rail Tickets, Infinity Rail & Rail Plus. Then for our Great Train journeys of the world we will run a Great Train Journeys Rail Expert program for the first time later in 2017 because we know that agents are loving these products and we want to give them the opportunity to improve that knowledge and sell more through our dedicated Rail Plus Great Train Journeys team.

What kind of training is available to Australian agents wanting to sell rail and how can they sign up for it?

By completing one of our many Rail programs we run throughout the year. In 2017 we will run three online educational programs focused around different rail products around the world. In addition we offer webinars on our agent site year round so I would encourage agents to watch these at their leisure. You can also contact your local Rail Plus BDM and arrange a face to face training session where possible.

Any particular routes or trains you would recommend for first time travellers?

Rail is easy for first timers but for a point to point journey you can’t go past the bullet trains of Japan with the great value Japan Rail Pass, a trip across the underground tunnel on board Eurostar or the beautiful scenic trains of Switzerland. All will provide a unique train experience that will have you hooked for life.

What makes travelling by rail unique?

It takes you from the middle of one city to the next with ease. No need for navigating foreign roads or getting stuck in traffic. It’s a seamless mode of transport that also gives you an amazing journey along the way with scenery, food & drinks all available on trains around the world.

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