white desertWhite Desert flies a small number of clients from Cape Town, South Africa to a specialist ice runway in Antarctica, before they are transferred to a newly refurbished ecological camp.

Adventures range from day trips €9,800 per person (approx. AUD$15,315) to eight-day programs that fly all the way to the South Pole priced at €62,000 (approx. AUD$96,890) per person.

On the one-day Greatest Adventure tour, clients spend 12 hours on the ground in Antarctica, and can choose from a number of activities for both the laid-back traveller; or would-be polar explorers. The camp comprises four wooden, comfortable and chalets that form the base for the day, complete with bedrooms, dining room, lounge and bar. There are gentle treks; visits to nearby ice grottos – and even a chance for a sauna at a Russian Science Base.

On the five and a half hour flight from Cape Town, passengers pass into the Antarctic Circle. As the plane taxis to a standstill, your clients will be one of the few who have ever set foot on the Antarctic interior.

Previous clients include Prince Harry as he skied to the South Pole, TV presenter Bear Grylls, and a variety of entrepreneurs.

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