CHINA’S Great Wall is as iconic as they come, and always is a must see for travellers heading to Beijing. The problem with such a striking monument is that everyone wants to get a chance to experience it — meaning travellers might feel a little crowded. Here are some of our top tips for experiencing this wonder in all its glory (without thousands of others):

Visit on a weekday

It probably is a little bit of a no-brainer, but of course the Great Wall is less busy on weekdays than on weekends.

Choose your section wisely

The Great Wall is 21,196km long so it makes sense that there are plenty of places to access the wall, some much more easily than others. The closest sections to Beijing are Badaling and Mutianyu. They are also the best restored and the most popular. Jianshanling is further east of Mutianyu and features both well restored sections more naturally deteriorating parts. Allow a full day to explore the Jianshanling section.

Go differently

There are a myriad of different tours that travellers can choose when visiting the Great Wall of China, from cycling across the walls to overnight hikes. But one spot along the wall offers an experience like no other. At the Huanghuacheng section the wall is broken into three sections by Haoming Lake, which rose when dammed at Xishuiyuguan Pass. Travellers can take a boat ride on the lake and see both the restored and original parts of the wall, before hiking around the crescent-shaped lake.

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