SOUTH Korea is a fascinating to place and here are some of the most unique attractions in the Asian nation.

Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park

While visiting Seoul, travellers looking for some old carney magic should visit Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park. The small long abandoned theme park contains stationery bumper cars, bleached out Sailor Moon figurines, rusting rollercoasters and a deserted carousel and much more. Built in 1980, the park thrived until 2011, and while tastes have moved on, the old Yongma Land continues to invite the public to share in its slow demise.

The Third Tunnel of Aggression

The Third Tunnel of Aggression is one of four known tunnels under the border between North Korea and South Korea. The tunnel, build in 1970 by North Korea and discovered in 1978 by South Korea, was initially designed for a surprise attack on Seoul. Nowadays, the passage is available for visitors yet due to the volatile history, taking photographers are strictly forbidden. Tourists can walk as far as the third barricade, with the second barricade visible through a small window in the third.

Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park

Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park is a delicate collection of glassworks featuring installations such as a glass waterfall, glass flowerbeds, and lake made of mirrors with fish constructed out of used Soju bottles. The indoor installations include a green glass beanstalk, along with a room full of mirrors and a bookshelf with glass books. Visitors to the castle can also experience making glass artwork. In the main hall of the Glass Castle visitors can try making glass ornaments, balloons, and bottles.

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