toucan south americaSouth America is one of the most diverse, culturally-rich continents in the world, offering many unique experiences. As such, many first-time travellers will often find themselves visiting time and time again, or spending a longer time exploring several countries or regions when compared to other popular travel destinations.

“At Adventure World, the number of travellers to South America has grown year on year,” says Neil Rodgers, Adventure World’s general manager.

“The experiences travellers are seeking are in-depth explorations of each country as opposed to the more typical bucket list ticking trips as they are realising the innumerable amount of experiences that the continent has to offer.

Rodgers says the country that has seen the biggest year on year increase is Chile, with growing interest in exploring the geological wonders of Patagonia, with side journeys to visit the Atacama and Easter Island.

“Peru continues to be the most requested and visited South American country, particularly appealing to the environmentally conscious traveller, offering breathtaking cruising experiences in the pristine Amazon rainforest such as Adventure World’s 4-day Peruvian Amazon River Cruise.

“One of the main appeals of South America to Australian travellers, are the spectacular cultural events and festivals. Brazil will be the most exciting global destination next year, offering the world’s biggest party – the Rio Carnival, to hosting the 2016 Olympic Games. Adventure World’s 5-day Rio Carnival experience allows travellers to witness the spectacular costumes, dance and songs at the samba parades, and be fully immersed in the vibrant Brazilian culture.”

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