trains make gainsRAIL travel, particularly in Europe and the USA, seems to be the current growth area with rail specialist International Rail reporting a 20 per cent increase in business so far this year compared with January to September 2014.

Managing director Jonathan Hume added that with strong support from new preferred arrangements with agency chains, travel agency sales are up by 50 per cent.

He credited this to “our independent business model and strong relationships with railway operators providing price advantages across a range of rail tickets and passes.

“This means agents can offer their clients the best fares or bundle them to make good additional commission margins”.

Mr Hume said that he anticipated similar growth in 2016. “The nature of rail today is that it is a booming product which more and more travellers are wanting to experience, resulting in more complex bookings to meet demand,” he said.

“This new level of complication can be time consuming and frustrating for agents so International Rail has removed that problem with its agent-friendly booking services”.

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