In anticipation of Fiji’s borders re-opening to travellers, Tourism Fiji has introduced the “Care Fiji Commitment” which is a program including enhanced safety, health and hygiene protocols to ensure the utmost safety of travellers to Fiji in a post COVID-19 world. Although Fiji’s borders are currently still closed to international travellers, the introduction of the program represents a destination-wide assurance that Fiji is ready to welcome travellers safely back to its shores upon re-opening.

Developed in consultation with Fiji’s Ministry of Health and Medical Services, COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Taskforce, Fijian Government and tourism industry stakeholders, the Care Fiji Commitment includes COVID-19 management protocols that follow the World Health Organisation guidelines to ensure that thorough and consistent risk mitigation measures are practiced throughout the islands.

“The Care Fiji Commitment is our assurance to travellers that the health and safety of everyone who lives and travels here is our number one priority,” says Tourism Fiji Acting CEO, Robert Thompson.

“We have been working together as one across the tourism and health industries to fight COVID-19 and adapt to a new normal to get us ready for when we can welcome international travellers again,” Thompson continued.

Since the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, Fiji has made health and safety its top priority. Due to the country’s quick and effective response to COVID-19, Fiji was able to contain the virus from a very early stage and mitigate any risk of outbreak within the islands. The government’s effective containment measures, put in place in March 2020, meant Fiji was able to officially declare itself COVID-contained in June, with no local community transmitted cases for 276 days (source: Fiji Ministry of Health COVID-19 updates, 19 January 2021).

Now, with the introduction of the Care Fiji Commitment, travellers can be assured that Fiji is a safe destination to enjoy on their next holiday to the islands.

The Care Fiji Commitment program consists of the following key components:

Globally Recognised Control & Mitigation Measures

The Care Fiji Commitment is an ongoing commitment to maintaining protection measures against COVID-19 in Fiji. This includes having testing and surveillance processes aligned with the WHO recommendations, local testing available at the Fiji Centre for Disease Control, WHO accredited isolation facilities, clear procedures in place for suspected cases, dedicated drop-in fever clinics for concerned visitors showing symptoms and a dedicated COVID-19 hotline.

Wellness Ambassadors

A designated Wellness Ambassador at each business will be available to travellers throughout their journey to assist with any COVID-19 related questions or concerns that may arise. The Wellness Ambassadors are dedicated to implementing and upholding all hygiene protocols and COVID-19 safe practices.

careFIJI Contact Tracing App

careFIJI is a privacy preserving, Bluetooth based mobile app which uses non-location tracking technology, providing Bluetooth is enabled. It gives an added layer of security for visitors that any contact with a COVID-19 case will be quickly and seamlessly identified.

Two-Way Commitment

Travellers will also be asked to commit to the program by postponing any travel if they feel unwell, communicating with the Wellness Ambassadors as needed, downloading the careFIJI app and adhering to all social distancing, sanitisation and face mask regulations, where required.

For added assurance, Fiji’s trade partners can book their client’s trip with full confidence through Care Fiji Commitment Partners. To-date, nearly 200 of Tourism Fiji’s industry partners – including the resorts, restaurants, tour operators, attractions and more – have gone through an extensive training process as their first step in making the Care Fiji Commitment. The process is ongoing and a full list of approved partners will be available once complete.

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