Thailand launches certification scheme to enhance tourism health and hygiene standards.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), in collaboration with the public and private sector partners, is introducing an “Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration: SHA” certification aimed at elevating the country’s tourism industry standards and developing confidence among international and domestic tourists.

The project is part of TAT’s efforts to mitigate the impacts of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis and accelerate recovery in the travel and tourism sector. The Amazing Thailand SHA certification is to prepare Thai tourism operators to be ready for the return of tourism post COVID-19.

The SHA project has been developed under a collaboration between TAT and a broad range of public and private sector partners including the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Board of Trade of Thailand, Federation of Thai Spa and Wellness Association, Thai Retailers Association, Thai Hotels Association, Association of Domestic Travel, Thai Amusement and Leisure Park Association, Thai Restaurant Association, Thai Spa Association, Thai Boats Association, and Event Management Association.

The SHA Certification will be presented to 10 types of business, e.g., restaurants/food outlets, accommodation and convention centres, recreation and tourist attractions, tourist transport vehicles, travel agents/tour operators, health and beauty parlours, department stores and shopping centres, sports stadiums for tourism, theatres/cinemas, and souvenir shops and other stores.

The evaluation methods and methodology of assessment for tourism establishments and services to be certified with the Amazing Thailand SHA certification will cover five key areas:

The names of the SHA certified establishments as well as any other essential information will be publicised via and through the communication channels of TAT’s domestic and overseas offices to build confidence for tourists. Click here to subscribe to the Hug Thailand blog for inspiration and ideas for your next Thailand holiday, from travel writers, bloggers and friends of Thailand.


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