THE Mediterranean is famous for its coastal towns and beautiful beaches. Spread across Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain and more, these beaches offer the perfect place for an Insta-worthy photo to make all your friends at home jealous. We’ve picked out three of the best beaches to visit on your next Mediterranean sojourn.

Cala Soraja, Italy

Best: Hidden gem

Why: Travellers wanting to experience crystal clear waters and white sand without 1,000 other travellers should head to Cala Soraja in Sardinia’s Archipelago della Maddalena. The beach is on the small uninhabited island of Spargi in a protected marine park and can only be reached by boat, meaning there are way less crowds than other more accessible spots. Unlike other beaches in the Mediterranean there are no facilities like kiosks or cafes, so make sure to take your food and water with you.

Nazare, Portugal

Best: Surfing beach

Why: Aussie surfers tend to head to Fiji or Bali in search of a beach break, but the Mediterranean offers some excellent places to ride the waves.Nazare on the coast of Portugal is famous for it’s huge waves. The massive swells often require surfers to be towed out by jet ski and also provide plenty of entertainment for those not inclined to risk their necks for the ultimate surf thrill. Travellers can relax on the beach or take furnicular railway to the clifftop to visit Nazare’s old town, O Sitio.

Canal d’Amour, Greece

Best: Unique swimming experience

Why: Travellers looking for love should head to the Greek island of Corfu, where myth says if you swim in the Canal d’Amour you’ll find your soulmate. The unique tunnel near the town of Sidari was formed by the sea and wind travelling through the sea cliffs made of clay to form a narrow opening which can be swum through. Travellers can also lounge on the small beach next to the channel though be warned, it’s a popular spot and its best to get there early and be patient.

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