TempoTEMPO Holidays’ is doubling its Latin America portfolio with new destinations, an extended season and a new design and layout.

The new 100-page brochure has added four new destination, including Costa Rica, with its jungle-fringed, deserted beaches and Panama, known for its clear turquoise seas and coffee farms.

Also new is Belize, which is packed with adventure and culture and the final new addition is Uruguay, South America’s smallest country.

The brochure showcases an expanded range of product in Peru, which features as the lead country and Guatemala and Belize make an appearance in some multi country programs.

With demand for hotels high in Cuba, Tempo has added the option of cruising in Cuba, allowing guests to take in the country’s white-sand beaches, rolling mountains, cigars and rum by sea.

The brochure has been revamped with the new design featuring and increased amount and larger imagery to inspire travellers and a clean and streamlined layout to make it more reader friendly.

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