colombiaLATIN America is a destination that has intrigued Australians for decades but until only recently has it seen such an influx of curious Aussie travellers determined to get a glimpse of this truly unique and spectacular part of the world.

Tempo Holidays has been busy redesigning its upcoming 2016 Latin America brochure, available at travel agencies this month.

Rod Vargas, product manager at Tempo Holidays is excited to showcase the new-look brochure which he says is a more user-friendly edition that inspires would-be travellers to come and experience the best that Latin America has to offer.

In addition to some traditional favourites, Tempo has introduced some new and exciting programs to complement the brochure.

“I wanted to use this brochure more as a guide to inspire travellers rather than publish every product we have, and drive people to our website for more content,” said Vargas.

Colombia is back after a few years of not being featured in the brochure.

“We felt it was important to bring back a country that offers so much from the old colonial walled city of Cartagena, to the post Pablo Escobar run city of Medellin and the bustling capital of Bogota.

“It is a country that many have fallen in love with and we felt Australians are more than ready to discover this amazing place,” he said.

New programs consolidate smaller packages allowing passengers to travel an entire country in one hit. Tempo’s ‘Glimpse of Chile’ visits north, centre and south of the country, while ‘Argentina Express’ gives travellers a comprehensive look at all major sites. A new award-winning train journey in Ecuador (Tren Crucero) will be featured in the brochure, giving travellers the opportunity to traverse through Andean highlands and coastal plains, enjoying breathtaking scenery and friendly Ecuadorian hospitality.

“Here at Tempo Holidays we are thrilled to showcase this magnificent and unique destination and cannot wait for others to fall in love with South America like we have,” said Vargas.

“Whether it’s the dramatic and diverse landscapes, the rich ancient history or the intoxicating and vibrant culture where music, dance and food is front and centre, Latin America is a destination that offers something for everyone; from the first time traveller to the seasoned jetsetter.”

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