South America’s vibrant cities

Bogota, Columbia

The capital of Columbia, once known for corruption, violence and drug lords, has had a distinct transformation over the last decade, turning into the vibrant and bustling city it’s known as today. Bogota is an eclectic mix of culture and architecture that doesn’t seem to make sense: high-rise buildings are neighbours to centuries old colonial churches, and funky bars and restaurants sit next door to old homes or museums showcasing ancient relics. La Candelaria in the city’s heart is a must-see, with narrow cobbled streets lined with boutique shops and some of the country’s most historical buildings. Bogota is a fantastic spot to visit, and situated high in the mountains it is positioned perfectly for further travel throughout the Andes, Columbia or South America.

Santiago, Chile

Almost half of all Chileans call their capital home; unsurprising considering it’s not only the political and financial centre of the country but also the cultural centre, with tree-lined streets, funky neighbourhoods and a plethora of different things to do. A pleasant mix of cultures, this cosmopolitan city has everything a traveller could ever want. Take in the grand and diverse architecture and eclectic art scene, or browse the shops and restaurants as you stroll through one of the city’s many pedestrian malls. Santiago is situated close to both ski resorts and beaches making it a fantastic place to stop over for a few days on a South American sojourn.

Quito, Ecuador

Quito is in the middle of the world, sitting on the equator, nestled high between dense green mountain peaks. The streets creep onto the sides of the mountain, with a mix of modern high rise and traditional construction making a feast for the eyes as you stroll through the city. The Ecuadorian capital is notoriously lively, with streets bustling with overflowing market stands and people piling in and out of hole-in-the-wall cafs and restaurants. Quito’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the buzz of everyday life pulses through the 17th century architecture filled with colonial monuments, picturesque churches and active plazas. All through the city is an abundance of culinary delights, whether from street vendors or high class restaurants.