TRAVELLERS looking to find their inner peace or wanting to learn more about the Buddhist religion are being encouraged to try their hand at a traditional Korean Templestay.

A group of seven sansa, or Buddhist mountain monasteries located around the Korean peninsula were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List last year, including Tongdosa, Buseoka, Bongjeongsa, Beopjusa, Magoksa, Seonamsa, and Daeheungsa. A number of these offer the templestay experience, which gives travellers an insight into a day and night in the life of a Buddhist monk.

The day begins with the early morning yebul (a Buddhist ceremony), followed by 108 bae (108 prostrations), and a chamseon (Zen meditation) before going on to learn how to make Buddhist prayer beads.

Each temple offers a slightly different experience, with a focus on meditation, hiking or temple food.

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