Scenic’s new addition in 2017

SCENIC has added one new tour in Japan for 2017, the 14-day Japan Unveiled from Fukuoka to Tokyo. The itinerary starts out in Fukuoka, which contains some of Japan’s oldest sites such as Shofuku-ji, the oldest Zen Temple in Japan and the sixth century Kushida Shrine located in the ancient section of the city. Guests will then head to Nagasaki which is Japan’s historical gateway to the Western world and site of the second atomic bomb.

The next stop is Hiroshima, where guests can see the industrial robots at the Mazda factory, before continuing on to Himeji Castle and then to Kyoto, home to many World Heritage-listed Sites. Next in line is Tokyo and a day trip to Fuji Five Lake. Departures are scheduled for 13 May, 23 Sep and 07 Oct and four more in 2018.