Sabah International Dragon Boat Race

TO WITNESS a spectacle which pays tribute to Malaysia’s multicultural heritage, head to Sabah’s capital Kota Kinabalu this May for the fourth Sabah FCAS International Dragon Boat Race.

During the last three years, the race has emerged as one of the main sporting events in Sabah.

Organised in conjunction with the Duan Wu Festival, the two-day event will feature some of the best local and international dragon boat teams from around the world competing to be ‘king’ for the coming year.

During the race competing teams will drive the multi-coloured boats forward, synchronising their paddling to the rhythm of pounding drums, while racing for the finish line. Each boat is decorated with dragonheads, scaly bodies and elaborate tails that rise out of the sea, making for an awesome sight and a great opportunity to take some impressive holiday snaps.

The event is also a chance to sample a variety of delicious local fare which will be on offer at the stalls lined along Likas Bay. Make sure you take the time to sample traditional sticky rice dumplings wrapped in in bamboo leaves known as zonzi dumplings.