THIS year marks the 500th year since the death of Leonardo da Vinci, and Italy is celebrating its national hero with a multitude of dedications to the man’s genius.

“Leonardo and Perpetual Motion” will be at the Galileo Museum in Florence from October to January next year, highlighting da Vinci’s studies on the topic, in which he demonstrated the impossibility of achieving perpetual motion through any man-made construction.

In Milan, the Biblioteca Ambrosiana holds the famous Codex Atlanticus, the largest collection of da Vinci’s writings, drawings and notes and from now until 15 September “Drawings from the French from the Codex Atlanticus” will be on display, while from 17 September to 12 January 2020, the exhibition will change to “Leonardo and his Influence: The Artists and the Techniques”.

Running all the way from now until 12 January 2020, da Vinci’s Salle delle Asse becomes visible to the public once again, with visitors able to lay eyes on the monochrome and preparatory wall drawings via a walkway at Sforza Castle, Milan. Another of Leonardo’s works, The Luck of the Scapigliata, is on display at the National Gallery of Parma until 12 August. Shrouded in mystery, this display of masterpiece is one of many tributes in 2019 to one of history’s most important geniuses on the quincentenary of his passing.

Biblioteca Ambrosiana

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