Luxury travel means different things to different people. Kerry Schmook, travel designer, for Luxury Life Travel explains the new trends and experiences that define luxury travel today.


What trends are you seeing in terms of luxury travel?

It’s all about personal experiences, adventures, celebrations and family time. Travellers are looking to connect with things that matter most to them. Life is precious and people are choosing to spend their holiday time achieving something memorable and meaningful. People love coming home with a story to tell, a story that says so much more than staying in a great hotel room. It’s about what they did, what they achieved and how it made a difference in their life.

Luxury travel was once perhaps defined as opulence. What defines luxury today?

It’s true that elaborate details matter to the luxury traveller, and for some guests they are still the defining factor, but for others there are aspects that express their own “personal luxury”. From a traveller perspective it’s essential to think about  what’s important, based on their style, purpose and passion. Individual luxury is defined by whatever is comfortable and brings pleasure for the individual. As Coco Chanel put it best: “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”

Are Australian travellers more discerning than they once were?

Yes. There’s more information available than ever before with the ability to research independently and be selective with our choices. However, if travellers are truly discerning they will seek advice and guidance from a travel professional they know and trust to enjoy the best possible travel experience.

Are Australian travellers better able to afford and treat themselves to luxury travel products?

There are so many beautiful places and it’s a very competitive market, so as a result, there is great value available at certain times of the year which gives the traveller a chance to save, plan and experience some of the best in the world at a terrific price.

How would you advise agents wanting to sell luxury travel? What should they be asking the client first?

Travel is very personal. The key is to know and understand your client. The more you can define their travel needs and desires the better. It’s vitally important to develop a trusting relationship with your client. And it’s important to have intimate knowledge of the properties you are recommending. It’s not possible to confidently recommend and sell something you haven’t experienced for yourself.

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