AUSSIE travellers love Hawaii – with it’s beaches and laid back vibes it’s not really a surprise. We spoke to Hannah Foster from Travel Counsellors to hear her tips on how to sell this island paradise.

Which areas of Hawaii are most popular with Aussie travellers?

Waikiki is always very popular but I am also finding interest in the north shore of Oahu at the moment. It’s a fabulous part of Hawaii, has the best surf beaches and fantastic to have a car and explore. I am also finding clients wanting two islands on their itinerary. I find out what experiences they want then match them with the islands of either Maui for relaxation and bliss, Kauai for luxury and style or the Big Island for adventure.

What are the must see highlights for first time travellers?

While in Waikiki the shopping is still a real draw card. The Waikele outlets are fantastic for a bargain or ten, or there is Ala Moana which is lovely and open and has lots of high end designer stores. In Kauai the valleys, mountains and cliffs are divine and attract clients wanting to soak in the natural beauty of this ‘Garden Island’ where outdoor experiences such as kayaking, snorkelling, hiking and even ziplining are sensational. The Big Island is a great one to experience the volcanos from the air and being such a large island you can travel through all four of the world’s climate zones from wet tropical to polar tundra!

What sort of travellers are visiting Hawaii?

Hawaii has something for all types of travellers! It’s important for you to get to know your client and what type of interests they have, what type of holiday they are desiring, and then put together a jaw dropping Itinerary that will excite and thrill.

Is there any particular time of year that is best or most popular to travel to Hawaii?

Because of Hawaii’s location in the Pacific Ocean it is a wonderful place to visit all year round. There are only really two seasons and in the ‘winter’ months of November to April the daytime temperature is a lovely 26C. The warmer months are May to October where you will see temperatures around 30C.

What are the biggest challenges in selling Hawaii? Any advice for other agents?

There aren’t many challenges with selling Hawaii. It’s a popular destination and I have often switch sold clients wanting a Thailand or Bali holiday to Hawaii due to fantastic sale fares offered through the year from Hawaiian Airlines. I always try and upsell my clients to the extra comfort seats for the extra size and amenities, which adds to the experience. I truly believe that a client’s holiday starts at the airport and the experience you have on the flight there is important, as well as the resort recommendations and choices you make for them.


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