Often considered stopover destinations, Hong Kong and Macau have plenty to offer in their own right. Mobile Travel Agent Anne Coombes shares her tips for selling these two Chinese pearls.


How well do Hong Kong and Macau sell in your business?

Generally my clients see Hong Kong and Macau as a great way to break their European journey, enjoying some of the vibrancy of Hong Kong and Macau on their way to or from Europe or the UK.

What are the key selling points for Hong Kong and Macau?

Both destinations are well served by many airlines and the flying distance is shorter than Dubai, making the trip to Europe seem shorter. The excellent airport train makes getting into the city easy so the client’s Hong Kong holiday can start within 90 minutes of landing. Hong Kong and Macau are also great value. Macau has five-star hotels at incredible prices and the nightlife is amazing. Hong Kong offers a broader  range of activities whether it’s parks, The Peak, fantastic shopping, or outstanding food – too many great places to list. There is so much to do in Hong Kong.

Are there any challenges with selling the destinations?

Not really. Because the variety of accommodation and eating options is so broad in each location, any traveller’s budget can be accommodated.

Are Hong Kong and Macau seen (and sold) mainly as a stopover, or are they viewed as destinations in their own right?

As I mentioned before, most of my clients want to use Hong Kong and Macau as a stopover on the way to Europe, however I do have one client group that returns to Hong Kong every year as a destination.

How can agents improve their product knowledge of Hong Kong and Macau?

Just as I do with any destination, by visiting. My clients really appreciate it when I can tell them some of the highlights and also let them know about some of the lesser known parts of a city, drawing from personal experience.

What advice would you give to other agents selling the destinations?

Try to shift the mentality from stopover to destination. For clients having their first taste of Asia, Hong Kong and Macau are safe and fun with something for everyone.

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