EUROPE is a huge area with a massive variety of cultures, climates and activities. We asked Travellers Choice member, Dianne Garbin from Floreat World of Travel what how agents can sell this ever-popular region.

Which areas of Europe are most popular to travel to at the moment?

Australian travellers are really loving Croatia, Italy and Greece.

Europe is a huge area. What are the must-see highlights for first time travellers?

My advice to first time travellers to Europe is to concentrate on one or two countries and to do these in depth. While small in size compared to Australia, European countries have much more in the way of sights, history and population — it’s better to focus on a couple of places than try to do everything in one trip. And you can always explore another region on your next trip.

Are FIT or tour groups more popular?

Currently FIT is more popular than tour groups although we are selling both. With so many transport options, Europe is easy to get around, and English is widely spoken which helps independent Australian travellers too.

What is your favourite place in Europe?

Croatia. I love that there are places where you can get away from modern life and experience the authentic way of life, like a local, without any other tourists. Croatia is also so naturally beautiful, both on land and at sea. There’s such a variety of experiences and you can immerse yourself in nature through hiking and sailing.

Is there any particular time of year that is best or most popular to travel to Europe?

Spring, autumn and early summer are the most popular. The weather is more favourable but the big crowds haven’t arrived yet.

What are your top three tips for selling Europe?

1. Qualify what your client really wants

2. Make sure you understand the destination

3. Less is more


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