Agent Q&A Mauritius

Looking for water sports or luxury resorts? Travel Counsellors consultant Julie Savill gives some inside tips on selling Mauritius, including the best times to visit for activities like diving and surfing.

Is there much interest among Australians for travel to Mauritius?

For Australians, Mauritius is still more of a boutique destination. Mauritius’ resorts offer a similar style of holiday to Bali but as a destination that is more expensive and harder to get to, it isn’t on the radar for many Australian travellers. Having said that, many people use Mauritius as a stopover on the way to South Africa or Madagascar.

Which areas are most popular?

The south and east coasts have most of the luxury resorts while the west coast has more mid-range options. The south-west part of Mauritius has great conditions for kite surfing so plenty of kite surfers head to that part of the country.

What are the must see highlights for first time travellers?

Water sports are a big drawcard. Many people head to Mauritius for the swimming, snorkelling, diving and surfing opportunities. All-inclusive beachside resorts are a popular choice for families and couples who want to relax and indulge by the beach.

What sort of travellers are visiting Mauritius?

These days, I mainly book business travellers (en route to Madagascar) but the luxury resorts make Mauritius a top spot for honeymooners. Resorts with kids clubs make it a good destination for families also. Most of the major upscale, five-star resort brands are represented in Mauritius so there are plenty of luxe options to choose from.

Is there any particular time of year that is best or most popular to travel to Mauritius?

The weather is pretty warm all year round but summer runs from October to April (although it can get very humid). If you like a cooler, dryer climate then July to September is ideal. For people interested in diving and snorkelling, the water is usually clearest from December to March, and the surfing conditions tend to be best from June to August.

What should an agent consider when selling Mauritius?

Flights can be tricky to arrange from Australia as flights are not regular, so clients will have to tailor their trip around the flight schedule.