India Tourism’s slogan is ‘Incredible India’ and it rings true in every sense of the word.

With its constantly changing backdrop of vibrant colours, ‘beyond interesting’ sights, sounds and delicious smells, the destination provides its visitors with what can only be described as a truly amazing sensory overload.I was privileged to explore northern India recently while participating in a Virtuoso study tour hosted by Banyan Tours & Travel and TAJ Resorts Hotels & Palaces.

My itinerary was filled with many amazing sights and incredible, unique experiences. It’s hard to choose a highlight from the trip but if I really must pick just a few, I would have to include a visit to the Taj Mahal, being sprinkled with rose petals on arrival at the TAJ Lake Palace in Udaipur, being met by decorated elephants and receiving a priest’s blessing in a 300-year-old Krishna temple in Jaipur.

Topping off an experience I will treasure forever – enjoying direct eye contact with Chris Hemsworth while transiting through Singapore on my way home! How could a trip get any better?

From Sue Basedow, MTA Travel

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