PONANT has revealed its luxury polar vessel will be named Le Commandant Charcot in a tribute to the French polar explorer captain Jean-Baptiste Charcot.

Known as the “gentleman of the poles”, Charcot was respected as an outstanding navigator, a seasoned explorer, a doctor and a double Olympic medal winner.

Set to enter the fleet in 2021, Le Commandant Charcot will be a hybrid electric icebreaker powered by liquefied natural gas. The vessel’s itineraries will include the chance to discover Charcot Island, which was discovered by and named after Jean-Baptiste Charcot.

Passengers will also visit the Geographic North Pole (latitude 90 degrees North) and parts of Antarctica, such as the Ross Sea and Peter Island, that were previously inaccessible.

Ponant has promised guests booking the itineraries will be in for “veritable polar odysseys rather than cruises”.

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