Personalisation for luxury travellers

GLOBAL travel agent network Virtuoso has revealed the results of its 2019 Luxe Report, which outlines “how Australia’s most affluent travellers will roam the world in 2019”.

The report, which shows a growing trend for personalisation of travel experiences, outlines five key trends that are expected to occur next year around the areas of motivation, transportation, accommodation, recreation, and conservation.

Social media remains a key focus for luxury travellers, with Virtuoso reporting motivation is increasingly being driven by the requirement for “Instagram-worthy content”. This trend has seen Virtuoso agents arranging themed photoshoots characteristic of destinations, including traditional geisha attire in Kyoto or ball gowns in Venice, to help travellers create their perfect picture.

Transportation has seen a swing towards helicopter travel in the luxe space, with Virtuoso reporting an increase in private flights and transfers between airports and resort islands. Accommodation is also making a subtle shift upwards, with the trend towards more experiential stays including igloos in Norway and “bubbles nestled in nature” also on the rise. More specific travel experiences are also predicted to take precedence in 2019, with more travellers requesting tickets to major sporting events, private after-hours tours to cultural attractions and intimate dinners with prominent local figures. Luxe travellers are also seeking out travel options that are conservation-friendly, such as visiting animal welfare centres, dog sledding at the North Pole and whale watching.