TOUR: Lower Antelope Canyon

Operator: Ken’s Tours

Duration: One hour

Accessible from: Antelope Canyon is a short drive from Page, Arizona, on the border between Arizona and Utah.

Details: Antelope Canyon is famously that rock feature on the old Windows’ desktop background, but the opportunity to experience this natural formation in person is one not to be missed. You can choose from a tour of lower or upper Antelope Canyon — both are spectacular, but the lower canyon requires slightly more climbing of ladders which appealed to us, as well as being cheaper to visit.

You need to be part of a tour to see either though, as they are on Navajo land. Antelope Canyon has grown in popularity recently, so make sure you book in advance to reserve your spot.

You will also probably experience some crowds, but the local tour guides are very adept at pacing you nicely through the canyon. Our guide even offered to take our photo at a number of photogenic spots, and made sure that the people ahead and behind us were out of the shot. The Navajo guides also explain to you the way that the canyon was formed and the important features of sandstone walls.

All in all it’s a jaw-dropping experience and one that’s worth the wait for. There are also other specialty tours run through the canyon, including a photography one that makes the most of the optimum time to visit to capitalise on light shafts filtering around the rocks.

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