JAPAN railway operators have introduced several new updates including an art train in Setouchi, a cyclist-friendly train in Chiba, and a new JR sightseeing train in the western San’in region.

The new train Art Train “La Malle de Bois” is designed with luggage in mind and features an all-white body and windows with thick black frames designed to resemble suitcases or bags. The train operates at the entrance to the Setouchi region, known for its modern art and cycling routes. The train is stocked with art books and books about islands, allowing passengers to plan their journey while on board the train. Travellers will also find art objects such as old-fashioned cameras, train and ship models. Other services include train conductors, a service counter selling drinks and local products, and free wifi.

The new weekend train for cyclists, the Boso Bicycle Base operated by JR East, has been designed specifically to transport cyclists and their bikes between Tokyo and the Boso Peninsula in neighbouring Chiba Prefecture.

The train has six carriages with seating and bike racks for 99 passengers. Each carriage is fitted with upright bike racks and a non-slip rubber floor suitable for cycling shoes. All seats are equipped with electronic power outlets so that passengers can recharge the batteries of their electronic devices.

JR West has also launched a new sightseeing train, Ametsuchi, which serves the area between Tottori and Izumo Stations in the San’in region in the west of Japan, generally considered to refer to Shimane, Tottori and Yamaguchi prefectures.


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