long beach malaysiaIn response to Malaysia’s ranking as 9th in the world and 1st in South-East Asia for tourist arrivals, Adventure World has introduced a brand new 11-day Highlights of Malaysia exploration to satisfy increased demand by travellers wanting to experience the cultural diversity, national parks, tropical islands and beaches that the vibrant destination has to offer.

Adventurers on Highlights of Malaysia will experience hiking through tea plantations, discovering jungle waterfalls and strolling through the white-sand beaches of the Perhentian Islands. They will also get the chance to spot wildlife from treetop hideouts in Teman Negara National Park and digest Penang’s open air food stall markets. A key aspect of Highlights of Malaysia involves enjoying the cultural melting pot of Chinese, Indian, Dutch, Portuguese and British influences in the World Heritage Listed site of Malacca, ‘the historic state’.

Malaysia’s appeal as a destination is additionally enhanced as a gateway to the untouched, emerging tourist destination of Borneo, whose unique wildlife, most notably the elusive orangutan, is a huge drawcard for Australian travellers. Adventure World also offers stunning new wildlife and cultural experiences in Borneo such as the eight-day Borneo Adventure and Handpicked Borneo, where clients can get up close and personal with proboscis monkeys, orangutans and elephants in a sustainable manner.

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