WHEN your clients are looking for a luxury getaway on their trip to Canada, why don’t you check out some of these incredible options, from glamping to golfing opulence.

Four Seasons Resort Whistler

The 273-room Four Seasons Whistler is a ski enthusiast’s dream come true, located in the heart of North America’s largest ski resort and at the foot of the region’s impressive snow-capped peaks.

Each room is equipped to keep you toasty through throughout the chilly nights with gas fireplaces warming up the rick wood aesthetic, and when you are suitably refreshed from your cosy night, guests can indulge in nearby activities such as golf, skiing or shopping.

Hotel amenities offer the chance to indulge in a massage with clay from the nearby lake, or if you’re feeling a desire for aqua therapy  instead, soak in one of the resort’s many outdoor whirlpools.


The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

The stunning Pacific Rim National Park isn’t just home to unique fauna such as the North American cougar and red-legged frog, it’s also home to a collection of 21st-century-safari-style white canvas suite tents called The Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.

Embodying the rawness of nature with luxurious camp living, the resort presents guests with dining, lounge, and spa tents that offer exquisite cuisine and breathtaking adventures antique furnishings, opulent rugs, down duvets, and remote-controlled propane-powered woodstoves.

Located on Vancouver Island, this unusual slice of glamping opulence is open from May to September.

Fox Harb’r Golf Resort & Spa

The Fox Harb’r Golf Resort & Spa resort rests on the rugged Northumberland shoreline of Nova Scotia and is ideal for those who like to relax by playing endless rounds of sport.

The 106-room property boasts a championship standard 18-hole golf course, as well areas to shoot clay pigeons, play tennis, hike or go boating.

For guests wanting a slightly slower pace however, the hotel also caters to that persuasion as well by offering a luxurious spa experience perfect for romantic couple getaways, with services including relaxing facials and rejuvenating massages.

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