ONLINE travel company Kayak has released its annual Better Now Than Later travel report, highlighting the top 10 destinations Aussie travellers should visit “before it’s too late”.

The report, which focuses outside the usual and most-searched destinations, reveals a range of lesser-known but must-see hot spots worthy of visiting in 2019.

Perhaps not surprisingly Asia topped the list, with India’s spectacular scenic spot Kochi reporting a whopping 154% increase in year-on-year search volume growth.

Coming in second, with a 119% increase in search growth volume, was Kathmandu in Nepal, illustrating how the epicentre of the region’s economic and political life has more to offer travellers than meets the eye.

Cambodia’s Phnom Penh and Cebu in the Philippines came in next, showcasing the continued thirst Australians have for Asian travel, while historical cities also proved to be a popular choice, with Cairo, Istanbul, Beirut, Lebanon and Osaka also hitting the high notes for the history buffs.

Two German cities featured just inside the top 10, with the vibrant and historical city of Berlin and the grand ancient city of Munich proving Aussies haven’t vanquished their love affair with the more traditional European cities just yet.

Robin Cheng, regional director Asia Pacific of KAYAK, said the results depicted a fascinating mix. “From this year’s results, it’s clear that more Australian travellers are willing to travel further outside their usual favourites and are ready to discover places such as India, Nepal and Lebanon,” she said.

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