Insider Journeys spotlights China

Insider Journeys has outsourced its private travel operations for China to Qantas Holidays so it can direct its attention solely to the delivery of its Small Group Journey product to China.

Qantas Holidays has been looking after all forward bookings for private travel requests since 01 February and in addition, is featuring the Insider Journeys Small Group Journeys range in its latest China brochure.

Insider Journeys managing director Tony Mayell said the move was in response to 32% growth in the China Small Group Journey segment over the past 12 months, prompting the company to remain focused on and expand the product.

“Rather than trying to be all things to all people, we have made the strategic decision to focus on our strengths, and deliver our group itineraries,” Mayell said.

“This will provide better value and experiences to our passengers and travel industry partners.”

Mayell emphasised the scale of China, highlighting an “ever-expanding” number of tourist attractions and destinations.

“Our Small Group Journeys are our core product; they are the foundation of the company, and have been instrumental in developing our reputation as purveyors of quality tours with exceptional insights,” he added.

Mayell stressed the decision was relevant to China only, noting it was in response to “market needs and where we see the greatest opportunities”.

“This decision pertains only to China, and does not impact our private travel portfolios across Indochina, India, Thailand & Myanmar and Japan,” he explained.

Future private travel bookings which have already been deposited will be honoured.