emiratesThe route

Sydney to Dubai.

The plane



First Class, seat 1F on the upper deck.

The seat

The Emirates First Class suite is a private cocoon in the sky, with a sliding door for privacy. A delightful touch was the welcoming basket of snacks as well as an in-seat mini-bar – in the very unlikely prospect that the attentive crew aren’t on hand to cater to our every whim. Thoughtful touches include a concealed make-up mirror complete with cosmetics for those vital in-flight touch-ups before heading down to the bar shared with business class passengers. A full size desk provides plenty of room to work.


Emirates is famous for its Information, Communication, Entertainment (ICE) system, which offers a huge range of movies, TV shows, music and games. There are live news updates during the flight, and the EK A380 offers full connectivity so you can also get on the internet to send urgent emails if required.


The crew on board didn’t disappoint, offering thoughtful and anticipatory service throughout the flight which included premium beverages (think a choice of vintage Champagne) and an appealing variety of meal offerings. When it was time for sleep we were offered comfy pyjamas and the spacious seat was made up into a bed which made for a great night sleep. A highlight would have to be the in-flight shower spa on the Emirates A380. It’s surreal being able to shower at 38,000 feet and then enjoy a refreshing herbal tea – an experience not to be forgotten.

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