IN FLIGHT: Nadi to Los Angeles

FIJI Airways – NAN-LAX

The plane

Airbus A330-200

The seat

Fiji Airways utilises its brand new A320-200 on the route between Nadi and Los Angeles. The business class seats are set up in a 2-2-2 configuration, with privacy dividers between the seats. There are plenty of storage areas for your possessions, and we particularly enjoyed the thoughtful placement of a water bottle holder to help us stay hydrated on the long flight. The seat has a number of preset controls, as well as the ability to adjust individual sections to guarantee a comfortable journey, however you feel like reclining. When it came time to sleep, there was a lovely warm duvet which had us nodding off in no time.


In-flight entertainment is viewed on a large display which is accessed via a handheld controller. Fiji Airways also provides noise cancelling headphones which greatly enhance the viewing experience by blocking a lot of the ambient noise of the flight. There is a good selection of movies including a number of new releases which had only just been in cinemas, as well as TV shows and old favourites.

Service and food

Fiji is known for it’s friendly locals and our experience on board the national airline was no different. Staff were welcoming and attentive. The food onboard is also excellent, with a range of different dishes from Fijian and Western culture, along with a great selection of wines from Australia and New Zealand. The priority baggage service also meant that our luggage was almost first on the conveyor belt, enabling us to get out the door and start adventuring in record time.