IT may sound unusual to suggest that a country is blessed with the presence of active volcanos, however, provided those volcanos aren’t spewing lava these amazing geographical features are responsible for at least one pleasurable tourist by-product in Japan — a vast collection of hot springs. Dotted throughout many of the country’s islands, hot springs are a great way for visitors to relax and take in Japan’s natural landscape.

One such popular location is the Nagashima-onsen Hot Spring located an hour and 40 minutes by rail from Tokyo. The spring has flowing water heated to 60C and is located within the Suigo Prefectural Nature Park.

Another popular spot is the Awazu-onsen Hot Spring located in Ishikawa, Chubu. This ancient site came to prominence more than 1,300 years ago for its warm water flows from Mount Haku, with the mountain’s aquatic qualities said to possess healing properties that can assist with blood circulation issues. The location is hosted by a small resort called Houshi, one of the world’s oldest hot spring inns.

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